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We have Ideas – lots of Ideas. These ideas can form a dot, these ideas can form a world. We use these ideas according to your need, to create a story you want to tell.


We turn these ideas into wonderful television programmes. And we strive for originality. We make programmes that never have been done.


Documentary film is not all about information. They are story of some people, their problem, struggle and success. We process information and produce documentaries that win million applauds and billion smiles.

Corporate Film

There is no limit to how a corporate film can be made. We make corporate films that strikes a chord between our client and their audience. The films we made for our client define their zeal, attitude and reputation.


We are new age thinker who think differently, creatively and originally while creating a commercial, advertisement or a spot. We don’t generally do it and when we do, we do the best.


Imagination runs wild through sound. Isn’t that what storytelling originally! And we tell wonderful stories through radio programmes, radio jingles.

We are Not Just A Production House

We are more than that

We are a group of highly talented, richly experienced and fiercely independent media professionals who live and breathe creativity. Working for you, giving life to your imagination, meeting your want is not just our profession, it is our passion.

More About Us


We are in media from a while. Over the years through each success & failure, we have gathered experience. And from experience comes maturity. We were old and we are new. From traditional to modern; better to best, we are the best judge for your work, the best creator for the work you want to create.


Knowledge is the backbone of every work we produce. It is not something old and inherited, but gathered from time. The knowledge we possess is dynamic. It gets better and better. Yes, our knowledge is not static. We upgrade ourselves as per the changing world.


Not just the subject matter, we are equally concerned about the technology we are using. Not only we have the absolutely very best and necessary gadgets but also the technical expertise to shape your work stylishly and elegantly, using the latest equipment and trending technology.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. We support Albert Einstein and we realize it deep within. We are basically dreamer who strives always to do something unique, something original each time. A work, a project is simply a project for some; for us it is being in a fairy world.

What We Have

We don’t show off. It reflects.

Technological Strength

High Definition Video Camera


Full Frame DSLR Still Camera


Editing Suite


Audio Recording & Mixing Studio


Stunning Picture Quality

We guaranty our clients the very best visual quality in the industry. High Definition video not just an ordinary word for us, we strive to stun our clients  & audience with impeccable visuals.

State of The Art Editing Work

We don’t brag about our editing suites. We brag about the editors we have. Our editing machines and editors have tremendous coordination and synchronization which results in the state of the art story telling and flow and narration.

Motion Graphics is Painting

The graphics work we incorporate in our production is unsurpassable. From 3D to simple fairy 2D, we  dazzle our work with the finest touch of pixels that give our productions a unique strength that no other can.

Documentary Films

TV Programmes

Corporate Films


Partners & Clients;Friends

Our awesome clients are Awesome!

We, at Lighthouse, have blessed with many wonderful clients through these years who have showered their faith, freedom and desire upon us. As a result of which we have given them our best. They are more than clients; we consider them friends and partners.

What Our Clients Say

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