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Shoot with Odia actress Dharitri Khandual for Unicef

Popular tele-artists Dharitri Khandual and Kanchan join our team at Balipatna to spread awareness regarding the campaign AMLAN. The campaign AMLAN is working towards reduction of anaemia among the children and women in Odisha. Shooting with school kids is fun and challenging at the same time. Managing these delicate minds is a crucial responsibility. However, our little heroes made the

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Shoot with Odia film actress Elina Samantray for Unicef

Weather on the other day was in a mood to play hide and seek with us delaying our shoot. As the clouds finally cleared our path, LIGHT HOUSE had an amazing schedule with popular Odia actress Elina Samantray at Mayfair, Bhubaneswar for UNICEF.