Theme for 2019

A nation’s growth is dependent on its society. A prosperous society makes way for a healthy and developing country. But India as a country is still suffering from number of social problems even after 60 years of independence. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, population growth, child labor, dowry , domestic violence, casteism, alcoholism, drug abuse, corruption along with countless other social issues are the pollutant of a otherwise spiritual country which India is known for. Despite the industrialization and modern way of thinking a large margin of people are fighting social dogmas even today.

As filmmakers it is our prime duty to try bringing a change in the society. We are morally responsible to play our part by analyzing the issues and communicating suggestions and solutions. Highlighting various issues through cinematic forms will promote the social campaigns and help sensitizing people towards the topic which is the need of the hour.

About The Theme

Civil rights, poverty, racism, bullying, income opportunity, inequality, immigration, marriage equality, homelessness, LBGT issues, abortion, education and several others are what constitutes the social issues. Anything that negatively affects people within a society that people care about can become a social issue. Ignite 2019 welcomes films that made on any social issues which you as a filmmaker think requires exploration and analysis.

Awards to Be Won


Two Runners Up
10,000/- Each